Agapé Embassy Christian Academy (AECA) is a wonderful Christian preschool in Northern, Virginia, where learning is made fun and challenging. We are an extension of Agapé Embassy Ministries (AEM), a nondenominational ministry of excellence located in Alexandria, Virginia. Our focus at AECA is the joy of learning. AECA is a preschool for children between the ages of three to five-years old who are not school age on or before September 30th to begin kindergarten.

Preschoolers are wonderfully unique, apt to think, able to draw conclusions, and purposed to please God. Our approach allows students to learn at their own ability levels – increasing to subject mastery.



Agapé Embassy Christian Academy is the fulfillment of a vision of our affiliate church founders, Drs. Joseph A. Jr. and Reneé Mills. As visionaries, the Mills desired to have a school where children are taught a biblical worldview, to be thinkers, and to always seek out truth. Dr. Mills desired to commence with preschool providing a classical education teaching each child to see Christ in every area of life.

Answering the call that God placed in his heart, Dr.’s Joseph and Renée Mills founded Agapé Embassy Ministries (AEM) in April 1993. They pastored and shepherded faithfully for 26 years. Due to Dr. Mills’ leadership and guidance AEM is a blessed and thriving ministry located in Alexandria, VA. Upon Dr. Mills’ transition to heaven in 2019, fittingly, his son, Jerome A. Mills, was ordained and installed as the pastor of Agapé Embassy Ministries.

With the same integrity and vigor of his father, Pastor Jerome continues to build the ministry and the academy. The vision for the ministry continues to focus on the family and AECA is an extension of that vision. Success in ministry is not dependent on what we have, but what we do with what we have; this includes our greatest resource – our children.
In honor of our founding Pastor the AECA auditorium is dedicated to Dr. Mills. A tribute plaque hangs in the auditorium with names of those who desired to uphold his vision. In support of AECA, contributions are continually being accepted in his honor.

The vision for AECA began in the heart and mind of Dr. Joseph A. Mills, Jr. and continues with Pastor Jerome A. Mills, our staff, your family, and our community at large. Pastor Jerome understands that children are like sponges; they are continuously soaking up, processing, and storing information. It matters what type of information they receive and ultimately put into practice. AECA is a preschool where it is okay for your children to be little sponges. What they soak up will have immense value in their lives today and in the years to come. Pastor Jerome says, “The vision is always greater than the visionary.” So today we carry on this vision and watch it grow as the family of Agape Embassy Christian Academy.


The Dr. Joseph A. Mills, Jr. Auditorium

If you desire to have your name added to the tribute plaque, click the link below which will take you to the Agapé Embassy Ministries store, select the “Dr. Joseph A. Mills, Jr. Auditorium” tab and follow the instructions there.

Dr. Mills auditorium endowment

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