AECA’s beautiful preschool facility is located in the heart of Kingstown, Alexandria. We are near major highways which is convenient for parents traveling to work. Our location is easy to access and is beautiful inside and out. We have considered the varying learning styles of our students. We have accommodated for the need to run, spread out and have fun. Our classrooms are full of vibrant color.  Each classroom is equipped with desks, workstations, as well as play centers and plenty of room just to hang out on the floor. AECA’s facilities are bright, open, free from clutter and promote fun and learning.

classroom 1

Our students engage in STEM activities from the preschool age. The preschool mind is able to absorb and comprehend information that is presented to them in a manner that meets their level of curiosity and genius.

Stop by and see our preschool facility anytime. Simply make an appointment. Pictures are great but seeing our classrooms in person is just amazing. Children are our focus and our setting reflects it.