picture of the word teach it describes our preschool teachers

Our preschool teachers and staff are dedicated to your children and to AECA. They have a love for the Lord that enables them to share that love with your children as they interact on a daily basis. Teaching is in their heart. Serving our families and students is their mission. Our preschool teachers know they are imparting God’s Word into the next generation of leaders, doctors, teachers, ministers, missionaries and more.

Agapé Embassy Christian Academy – School Administrator
Mrs. Mills

Deborah L. Mills is the Administrator for Agapé Embassy Christian Academy (AECA).  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University, bringing strong leadership and interpersonal skills which will be an asset to creating dynamic interaction in her relationships with teachers, children and parents. Prior to becoming the Administrator of AECA, Mrs. Mills held numerous positions of leadership and administration including office manager for Steve Angeline Sales, Chief Administrative Officer for the Time to Fly Foundation, Elementary and Middle School Music Teacher at Agape Christian Academy where she was responsible for the development of the Music Curriculum and served as a staff member for before and after care.

She also served as the Program Administrator for the Middle School After School Program (RARE) for the City of Alexandria where she managed the incorporation of additional curriculum, technology to support computer literacy, academic achievement, critical thinking, and other developmental skills; as well as engaged in parent and community partnerships. She also served as the Parent and Student Workshop Creator and Facilitator for the City of Alexandria.

She is also a Certified Executive and Life Coach (Coaching and Positive Psychology - CAPP Institute); Certified Life Coach (Radical Life Coach Institute); CPR Certified, MAT Certified and served as the Music Minister at Agapé Embassy Ministries for over 20 years. She is an author of 7 books and projects of which one became a best - selling title. Mrs. Mills and her husband reside in Fairfax County.


Agapé Embassy Christian Academy - Classroom Teacher
Ms. Julie

Julieann is a seasoned preschool teacher with more than 11 years of experience in the preschool classroom. Julie gained her teaching experience right here in the Northern Virginia area. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for children and executing lessons plans are foundational for this teacher.

Julie is certified in first aid and CPR. She has completed the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program and is currently working towards her Child Development Associate Credentials (CDA).  These credentials add a treasure of resources to Julie’s knowledge base.

A spark of joy is added to the classroom as Julie shares her knowledge gained from working in an outside nature preschool environment. As well in our Christian preschool setting Julie’s Certificate of Completion in Religious Studies compliments the AECA curriculum. Her heart for children is evident in the classroom. In her free time she enjoys her family, the children's bunny Coco-melon , and the family  cat. We are excited to have Julieann as a part of our teaching team.




Agapé Embassy Christian Academy - Teacher Assistant
Ms. Liyu

Liyuwork affectionately known as Ms. Liyu has worked in the childcare industry for over 15 years. Ms. Liyu has worked within the childcare/daycare environment as a teacher’s assistant and a daycare helper. Prior to joining the staff at AECA, Ms. Liyu operated her own home daycare which was recognized by Fairfax County and the State of Virginia as being a credentialed home daycare.

Following credentialed procedures, Ms. Liyu is certified in first aid and CPR. Ms. Liyu brings a calming peace to the classroom with her warm mothering spirit. Ms. Liyu is fluent in the Amharic language. She is a great part of our teaching team and we are proud to have her at AECA.